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Case Study : Business and Marketing Strategy of Nike
Nike is a sports brand that has builds its reputation over the years. May it be a school-going child who plays a sport or a professional athlete; everyone would want to wear it. If you conduct a survey that how many of the people own something from the nearest Nike store then the majority of them will respond positively that they have something from the brand. If from the people who have ever used Nike you inquire that how the product was they would always give you a positive response about it.

Yes, you are right, the quality of the product is the reason behind the brand reputation but here we cannot ignore that Nike not just produces good quality products but it also well plans its marketing strategies.

When it is about a famous brand, we just have to focus on its marketing strategies. Marketing strategy of Nike is simply a mix of certain marketing factors. All those who are familiar with the basics of marketing very well know how the product, price, place of distribution and the promotion of the brand plays a role in building the reputation of the brand.

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When we see these factors, we see how each one of these have a completely individual impact on the brand and its reputation. The products that the brand produces are simply marvelous for anyone, professional sportsmen, or a sports woman. The wide range of products with a wide categories products ranging from sportswear, bags and sports accessories; also the comfort level of the products with the quality of the product make them stand out in the crowd of the sportswear brands.

They make sure that the consumer makes the most of the product; so in Nike’s marketing strategy the importance is given to the customer satisfaction. Nike distributes everywhere in the world where there is a concept of sports and sportswear.

Yet another marketing strategy that Nike focuses on is the price of the product; the pricing is done keeping in view the sportsmen or sportswoman as the consumers. The target consumers are seen to be willing to give a slightly high price for the product so the brand makes it a little manageable for them by pricing the products in a way that they can recover and control their own costs on the product. The quality of the product speaks for the price of the product and the product itself spells class.

As we have already brought the concept of consumers and the target market, the focus here will be the place and the distribution areas where there is the need for the brand. Every brand before opening a subsidiary or a franchise they research on the market that exists in the area. This is a very important marketing strategy by Nike.

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The most important marketing strategy by Nike is definitely its well-designed promotion plan. They spend a lot of amount on the advertisement for the awareness of public on the new product or the existing product that has a market. Usually Nike’s brand ambassadors are well known sportsmen who leave an imprint on the minds of the public and a person who plays any kind of sport would want to own a product from Nike.

The most important of all marketing plan by Nike is their targeting strategy that they include the sponsorship of super stars and famous teams so that people take their inspiration from them and buy the product.

Another marketing strategy by Nike also takes its stance on the aspect that is the designing of product designation. They associate a product with a trait for example a certain type of shoe associated with success. Everyone who desires to be successful being an athlete or has a little hope for getting an opportunity and availing it for success will definitely give a shot to those shoes.

Awareness of the brand activities and the brand itself through marketing strategy by Nike to sponsor certain events which also influence and makes up the minds of the consumers to go for the product. This gives them a push to make their perfect choice and decision of buying Nike.

As every company has updated its means of brand promotion Nike has also left relying on some superstars for brand promotion they now rely on the recent technology of interactive digital advertising as a part of Nike’s marketing strategy. The make the use of high billboards, which show the interactive campaigns that show fans explaining their views about the brand on social networks such as twitter and Facebook.

The recent marketing strategies of Nike like all other companies have taken the trend that they now advertise and make an effort for the brand on social networks not just through visual media. The age of newspaper advertisement is gone, now the marketers have taken a different trend and the newspaper advertisement is just a formality.

One of the regional marketing strategies by Nike was to build the promotions and advertisements based on the sports that were famous in that region like India Nike took over the sports of cricket to promote the brand to the Indian market; as Indians are crazy for cricket.

Just the way food tastes different in every part of the world the taste for buying things is also different, since consumers find it hard to change their taste, all you have to do is that you present the same thing in a way that it meets the demand of the consumer; this is the marketing strategy by Nike. Just like Italian concept of pizza is modified in the entire world to the tastes of the people of that area.

Nike is a well-developed brand who has moulded its marketing strategies over the years for a better brand promotion and improved brand reputation. The brand makes sure that the consumers are happy with the product, the product lasts them a lifetime so that is becomes a part of routine, and the person keeps coming back to the store.

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