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Sample of SWOT Analysis : FACEBOOK Case
The trend of social networking started some time back but people became more familiar with this concept when Facebookwas introduced. It was launched in the year 2004 and since then its users has increased in an uncountable numbers. The procedure to get access to Facebook is simple i.e. you have to visit the site, fill in the required information and after that you are ready to socialize with people from all over the world.

Orkut is another social networking site, which came into existence before Facebook, but due to its lack of privacy issues, many people have shifted to facebook. It is now the most widely used media and every professional company are taking advantages from it.

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It has number of options in it, which are explained below:

Personal profile
You can write anything about yourself in ‘my profile’ section. From your name to your profession or interests, anything will be included in it. You can put your own display picture in it so that your friends have no problem whatsoever in finding you.

After you are done with your personal profile, you can search your friends from ‘search’ bar or ‘find friends’ application. The procedure is very simple i.e. you can search by their names or if you know their email addresses, the request will directly be sent to their email ids.

Many companies have taken the advantages of the pages section of facebook because it is the cheapest way to communicate through the mass audience. It is not restricted to professional activities but any person can make their own page where they can invite any person to participate.

Games and applications
It is not just about staying in touch with your friends but any individual person can benefit from the services of facebook. There are number of online games available on facebook which will become a reason for your better time. In addition, it has several other applications that will interest you in number of ways.

Photos and privacy
In previous social networking sites, there was the issue of privacy i.e. any person can visit and person profile. Facebook has taken this point into consideration and has given the option of customize privacy. This feature has gained gigantic popularity because now you can make sure that whether random people can find you in search bar or not. Also if you are worried that people will steal your photos, you can put a lock on it and allow only those people whom you want to see those pictures.

Miscellaneous options
Facebook has several other options in it, which includes ‘wall’. In wall you can write messages to your friends who may be visible to your friends and your mutual friends will have the option to make comment on that also. If you want to keep privacy, there is the inbox option, which makes sure that your message stays only between the people whom you have sent that message. There is a very famous tagging option i.e. you can put a picture and tag those people who are present in it so that those tagged people should have access to those pictures even from their profile.

Facebook is not just restricted to these options but instead it has several other options also and Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, is making changes on regular bases so that people do not lose their interest. This is not like a free webpage but has been very profitable business idea. If we have a look at the SWOT analysis of Facebook, we will see that it is not simple which may seems to most of the people who are using it.

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SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis is essential for any organization whether it has physically presence or it is a service. Facebook SWOT analysis is explained below:


• It has become very easy for those people who do not know English because Facebook is giving the option of more than 70 languages for your convenience.
• The users of Facebook are around 600 million and increasing.
• It has a very strong brand name and it has been used as a reference in many movies and series nowadays.
• Privacy options have made sure that people stick to this website for a very long period.
• It is the easiest andconstructive way to communicate toconsumers of variousproducts from all over the world.
• It is the easiest mode of communication with your friends and colleagues from all over the world.


• It is prone to spam and attacks of viruses.
• Fake accounts cannot be judged easily and people misuse those accounts.
• The entry is very easy and every person access to this social networking might prove costly in the future.
• You may not get a proper answer to the problem, which you have been facing while using Facebook.

• It can release the burden by handing some of the operations to the third party and make money from it also.
• They can operate in the untagged market such as China, which has no access to social networking sites.
• Facebook can also earn from movie subscriptions because majority of people watch movies online and it can take benefit from it.
• It can be used as a market place i.e. people can sell and purchase products via Facebook.


• Many viruses have started to attack Facebook and their might be threat of hacking in the future.
• Company valuation might prove to be unworkable.
• Emergence of competitors such as Google plus might prove to be dangerous.
• People might get bored with same applications if they are not modified with time.

Facebook is a very successful business venture and SWOT analysis of Facebook explains that what it has achieved in this time. It was a great innovation and many cell phone companies are now giving pre-installed application of Facebook because almost every person nowadays is a user of Facebook.

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