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Sample of SWOT Analysis : McDonald Reastaurant Case
McDonalds has been established for years now and it operates many branches in various counties. It is one of the most successful fast food restaurants, hence it continues to grow. McDonalds acts as a very strong competitor to many fast food places, however by doing the SWOT Analysis of McDonald Restaurant competitors have a chance at succeeding as well.

Therefore, in this article we do a complete SWOT Analysis of McDonald Restaurant to help all other competing firms. However, before we move on to the SWOT Analysis of McDonald Restaurant we need to understand what exactly a SWOT analysis really is. Once we know what the SWOT analysis really is, then understanding the SWOT Analysis of McDonald Restaurant will not be a difficult task.

A SWOT analysis is one of the common strategic planning techniques, used by many companies to asses themselves and other competitors. The SWOT analysis consists of four major dimensions; Strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats. These dimensions are summed in the name of the analysis.

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By going through the SWOT of a company, competing firms can target their weakness, improve their own strengths according, understand how to cope with the threats and exploit the opportunities before the competitor can. If the SWOT analysis is done properly then it can help competitors over come gain multinationals like McDonalds.

Furthermore, doing a SWOT Analysis of McDonald Restaurant should not be difficult because online there is ample information regarding McDonalds, thus a SWOT can easily be formed. Here in this article we have listed the main points of the SWOT Analysis of McDonald Restaurant. Let’s take a look at the SWOT Analysis of McDonald Restaurant.


• McDonalds is a growing and striving business. It has successfully managed to turn out huge amounts of profits every year therefore it has ample number of investors. These investors contribute in monetary form and allow McDonalds to maintain its competitive advantage. McDonalds is a well and high financed company that has the ability to charge excessively low on its products and turn out a high profit. Other firms that are limited on funds cannot charge low, as they have to meet their costs.

• Praised and ranked high in many food magazines for quality of service and food. Therefore, McDonalds has a reputed name amongst various companies.

• The McDonalds logo according to many experts has been termed to be the most recognizes logo in various countries, amongst children.

• McDonalds has established its branches in all important locations. Including; airports, railways and bus stops.

• McDonald takes cleanliness and food hygiene very seriously; therefore it has one the most awards.

• McDonalds was one of the first few restaurants which started to show all nutritional values on their menus.

• McDonald engages in many social acts during the year.
• McDonalds has the ability to easily adapt to various cultures, hence it has been successful in most of the countries.

• They have an assembly line system which ensures that the cost of production is always kept low.
• Provides professional training for all employees, to ensure high and consistent quality to all the customers.

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• McDonalds over the years has attracted negative press due to selling junk food at very low prices. Many organizations and companies have sued McDonalds on various issues.

• McDonalds lacks the ability to create innovative advertisements to attract children

• McDonald’s service is no longer the same in all locations due to the ample franchising contracts.

• McDonalds has a high set up cost.

• McDonalds’ tends to lose out on sales when the economy fluctuates because people use their disposable income t o purchase fast food. When their disposable income is changed their spending also changes, hence McDonalds loses out on sales.

• McDonalds only offers processed and inorganic food line.

• McDonalds’ has a high employee turnover.

• McDonalds has an extensive training program which often lowers the total revenue.


• McDonalds’ can expand or enter into the organic food industry because now people are becoming very health conscious.

• McDonalds could provide more services such as free delivery in various countries, to capture more market share.

• McDonalds could expand its menu to cater to all the individuals.
• McDonalds could attract attention by keeping or sponsoring various events for adults and children.
• McDonalds’ could add more services, such as free internet to attract and retain its customers.
• McDonalds’ could engage in various promotions and season discounts to beat the competitors.
• Expand more intensively into other countries or launch in new locations to cover the untapped areas.


• In many countries, McDonalds has been known to advertise and incite children in to consuming their products with toys other events. Many companies and agencies are observing and are considering taking actions.

• McDonalds’ sales and revenue are very dependent on the economic conditions of a country. Therefore, countries that do not perform well tend to also have a negative impact on McDonalds sales and revenue.

• McDonalds’ is facing immense competition from the fast food places and organic restaurants.

• The negative press could have a significant impact on McDonald if corrective actions are not taken.

• The increase in health awareness can also have an impact on McDonalds as people would not want to consume junk food, once they know its side effects.

The above article clearly shows the SWOT Analysis of McDonald Restaurant. By going through the SWOT Analysis of McDonald Restaurant you will surely be able to understand what you are up against. You should use the information wisely and ensure that your place offers similar services.

This SWOT Analysis of McDonald Restaurant is just a small fraction of the actual SWOT of McDonalds.

Therefore, before taking any big decision you should search online for more SWOT Analysis of McDonald Restaurant. The more you know the better it will be for your company in the long run. McDonalds is a very established company, therefore it is important that you get all the information you can.

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