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Think Marketing - Essentials of Marketing
Essentials of Marketing Management serves as an overview for critical issues in marketing management. These powerpoint slides analyze the marketing process and give managers the foundation needed for success in marketing management.

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Essentials of Marketing Management Presentation Outline :

Marketing Mix and Key Marketing Activities

Developing Market Segmentation

Product Planning and Development

Promotion Mix : Advertising, Publicity, Personal Selling and Sales Promotion

Distribution Planning and Pricing Strategy

Some Lessons in the Slides :

Consumer Analysis : Examination and evaluation of consumer characteristics, needs, and purchase processes

Product Planning : Development and maintenance of products, product assortments, product positions, brands, packaging, options, and deletion of old products

Price Planning : Outlines price ranges and levels, pricing techniques purchase terms, price adjustments, and the use of price as an active or passive factor

Distribution Planning : Establishment of channel relations, physical distribution, inventory management, warehousing, transportation, allocation of goods, and wholesaling

Promotion Planning : Combination of advertising, publicity, personal selling, and sales promotion to drive sales revenue

This expansive presentation is based on this excellent reference: Joel R. Evans and Barry Berman, Marketing in the 21st Century, Atomic Dog Publishing. You can obtain this excellent book here