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Blue Ocean Strategy
Based on best selling book, Blue Ocean Strategy, this powerpoint presentation provides a systematic approach to making the competition irrelevant. Examining a wide range of strategic moves across a host of industries, these presentation slides highlight the six principles that every company can use to successfully formulate and execute blue ocean strategies.

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Blue Ocean Strategy Presentation Outline :

1. Blue Ocean Vs. Red Ocean Strategy

2. Blue Ocean Strategy Tools

3. Strategy Canvas and Four Action Framework

4. Six Principles of Blue Ocean Strategy

5. Formulating Blue Ocean Strategy

6. Executing Blue Ocean Strategy

Some Lessons in the Slides:

Head to Head Strategy

Focus on rivals within industry
Focuses on competitive position within strategic group
Focuses on better serving the buyer group
Focuses on maximizing the value of product or service offerings within the bounds of its industry
Focuses on adapting to external trends as they occur

Blue Ocean Strategy:

Looks across alternative industries
Looks across strategic group within industry
Redefines the industry buyer group
Looks across to complementary product and service offerings
Participates in shaping external trends over time

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