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Sample of SWOT Analysis : INTEL Case
Intel is the world’s largest organization, which makes semi-conductor chipmakers for computers and laptops. It is an American based company and has the highest revenue worldwide in semiconductor chips. Almost every computer nowadays has these Intel chips in it.

Intel Corporation’s came into existence in the year 1968 and from its existence it has made its presence felt in every person’s life.Intel production is not just restricted to semiconductor chips but it produce variety of other products which becomes useful in computing such as motherboard chipsets, graphic chips, flash memory and integrated circuits etc. Initially Intel was famous for engineers and technologist but later when they launched their ‘Intel Inside’ campaign, it than came to be known as Pentium processors also.

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Intel is the first brand, which has launched first commercial microprocessor chip and it, happened in the year 1971. With the introduction of Personal Computers, whichis famously known as PC, it shifted its focus towards it. Intel has invested a very large amount of money in new microprocessor designs because computer industry took a rapid boost in the year 1990s. Intel largest competitor is AMD and it took the advantage of market after 2000 because at that time the demand for Intel chips were falling down.

AMD on the other hand focused on low-end market and mid-range market to increase its share in the market. This thing made quite an impact on Intel because a decent number dropped their core market. This called for quick actions and the present CEO of Intel at that time did exactly the same and it lead to rebirth of Intel in the market.

To understand the market condition of Intel, we should focus on the SWOT analysis of Intel Company. SWOT analysis is well renowned business term, which focuses on both internal and external factors of the organizations. It displays a clear picture of where the company stands. SWOT analysis of Intel Company is no different from the other companies SWOT analysis.



• Intel has the largest market share all over the world and has a very strong brand value attached to it.

• Intel was the first company, which came up with the idea of microprocessor, and it has continued that legacy by making advanced changes in it with time.

• If we look at Intel from the prospect of revenue, we will see that it is the largest number global technology corporation.

• Most of the computers have x86 microprocessors and almost every brand which makes computer is using Intel products in it.

• It may have AMD has its competitor but Intel gains the market share of 80% which seems more or less like a monopoly for Intel Corporation.

• Earlier in 1990s, it became the world’s largest and reliable supplier to the PC business.

• Intel Corporation has loyal customers all over the world and in many parts of the world; people are not familiar with any other brand apart from Intel.

• It has invested a very heavy amount in its Research and Development department, which has played a very crucial role in the success of its brand value.

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• Sometimes Intel comes up with a very technical strategy in response to its competitors, which is not easily understood, by most of the people.

• Intel position in the market saw a great steep earlier in 2000 because of the emergence of AMD.

• Intel saw a loss in the financial year of 2008 in terms of revenue i.e. they failed to meet their expected profit.

• They have taken the advantage of being a brand leader, by not taking benefits from economies of scale, and provide cheaper items to its consumers.

• They have not focused on the mobile market, whichis considered as the future of internet.


• Intel should keep customers as their first preference and make changes on regular basis to meet the needs of their users.

• Market penetration and product development will be more than useful if they focus on their existing market.

• Related diversification would prove to be a huge a success for Intel if they focus on cellular or broadband portion.

• They can reduce their production cost by opting for forward and backward integration. It will not only reduce cost but will also result in better quality also.

• They can make partnerships with some of the other brands to make sure they rule the market in every possible way.


• As the technology is increasing rapidly, the present manufacturing might just go to waste.
• Customer taste might change and their preferences will shift to the other competitive products if they do not get what they need.

• Change in currency value makes it difficult for the company to come up with the perfect pricing strategy, which will benefit all.

• Some of its other strong competitors, which it should take into considerations, are Dell and IBM etc.

• Political issue has become quite a problem in some of the areas.

• Market share becomes very hard to maintain with emergence of new and cheap local companies.

Apart from all these factors, we can trust Intel in every situation because it has been present in the market for a very long time and has succeeded greatly in these years. Recently Intel has introduced 3D transistor, whichis known as Tri gate transistor to stay in the market and increase their market share.

SWOT analysis of Intel Company has focused on both negatives and positives of the organization and it helps them in a great in the future that what possible options are available to them. With its present market share, it does not need to worry much about others but it is always works in the best interest of the organization to stay on the safer side. Intel has surely won the heart of millions and has promised to do that in the near future also.

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