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Strategic Planning for Managers
This well-designed presentation offers a concise explanation of the most important concepts and techniques in Strategic Management. Designed for professionals in fields of strategic planning and competitive strategy, this powerpoint presentation explores a sound introduction to strategic planning, focusing on the basic concepts and their applications to the management field.

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Strategic Planning for Managers Presentation Outline :

Five Tasks of Strategic Planning

Factors Shaping the Choice of Strategy

Three Tests of Best Strategy

Analyzing Industry Environment and Crafting Competitive Strategy

Strategy Implementation and Execution

Total number of presentation slides : 53 slides Some Lessons in the Slides:

A company's strategy represents management's answers to such fundamental business questions as : whether to concentrate on a single business or build a diversified group of businesses; whether to cater to a broad range of customers or focus on a particular market niche; whether to develop a wide or narrow product line; how to respond to changing buyer preferences; how big a geographic market to try to cover; how to react to newly emerging market and competitive conditions; and how to grow the enterprise over the long term.

Company strategies concern how to grow the business; how to satisfy customers; how to outcompete rivals; how to respond to changing market conditions; how to manage each functional piece of the business and develop needed organizational capabilities; and how to achieve strategic and financial objectives.

This brilliant presentation is based on this great book: Arthur Thompson and Strickland, Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases, McGraw Hill. You can obtain this excellent book here