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Hypercompetition Strategy
Long-term success depends not on sustaining an advantage through a static, long-term strategy, but instead on formulating a dynamic strategy for the creating, destruction, and recreation of short-term advantages. This masterful presentation, essentially an operating manual of strategy and tactics for a new era, will be required reading for managers, planners, consultants, and students of hypercompetitive industries.

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Hypercompetion Strategy Presentation Outline:

The Nature of Hypercompetition Era

Strategic Plan in the Hypercompetition Era

Vision for Disruption: Stakeholder Satisfaction and Strategic Soothsaying

Capabilities for Disruption: Speed and Surprise

Tactics for Disruption: Shifting the Rules, Signaling, and Sequential Strategic Thrusts

This presentation is based on this excellent book : Richard D’Aveni, Hypercompetition : Managing the Dynamics of Strategic Maneuvering, Free Press. You can get this fine book here.